Out With The Old

  • September 25, 2013 1:00 pm

This was about the first week of remodeling. I regret not taking before pictures, but never thought I would ever do a blog about this adventure. The picture does show the counter top which was an off white square tile with a slight shade of gray around the edges. I actually really liked this tile. The bathtub was to the left of the counter top which was divided by 6″ glass block and tiled below which was the same tile used throughout the floor.

The leak problem was the result of the bathtub that was never properly installed and sealed around the edges from the first remodel after we purchased the home.  Once the drywall and bathtub were removed and after creating a hole from the 2nd floor ceiling underneath the bathtub, we could see what damage had transpired from the leak.  There was just a little mold and the wood was in pretty good shape.  We did not have to do as much repair as anticipated under the bathtub, thankfully.

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