The Decorating Dilemma

  • September 29, 2013 11:52 am

After researching decorating ideas on the web, I came across the Houzz website.  This site is amazing!  This website allows you to create your own idea books and search through thousands of photos that have been published in Houzz from designers around the world.  I am obsessed with this website and have found a lot of ideas that I like and would have never thought of doing.  Here are a few pictures that I went by for the bathroom in the Turret.

I loved the Vanity and the Medicine cabinet.  We had the fabricator copy this design.  I chose Swiss Coffee for the color.


Houzz Photo:  Vanity & Medicine cabinet

Here is what we came up with and I love it!

Turret Bathroom26

The counter top, tile floor, shower tile, hardware for the faucets and shower head and also the general color of the bathroom was inspired by the picture below.

Houzz photo:  Colors, counter top, tile floor, shower tile and hardware

Here is how the shower turned out.

turret bathroom8



I loved the color of the counter top in the photo above and knew that this is what I wanted to use as far as the color of the counter top.  The counter top in the Houzz picture is made from recycled paper, the company is called Paperstone.   I researched this product and it is eco friendly and very durable.  Because it is a new product on the market I found that it is quite pricey right now.  I found one kitchen fabricator in Los Angeles that carries this product, but I didn’t want a lot of my budget going towards the counter top.  I may use this at a later time, but I found a comparable counter top close to this color from a brand called Eurostone.

Counter top

Here is the counter top that I picked out and used on our vanity


Vanity & Medicine Cabinet after installation

Vanity & Medicine Cabinet after installation

The shower tile is similar to the colors used in the Houzz picture above. Upon seeing the actual tile that was used in the Houzz photo, it was ten times lighter in person.  The tile used in the Houzz photo is also eco friendly and is made by Fireclay Tile.  I tracked down a tile store in Thousand Oaks that carries this product but I wanted a deeper color of beige.  This tile almost looks like glass.  Although this is a very beautiful tile this is not the look I was aiming for.  My contractor pointed me to the way of Westside Tile & Stone in Canoga Park.  I had been to several tile stores but found that Anne Marie at Westside Tile & Stone was very helpful.  She helped me narrow down my ideas to a natural tumbled stone tile called Jerusalem Gold as shown in the picture below.




The faucets and shower head used in this bathroom are by Delta in the Antique Bronze color.  My contractor also suggested putting an arch around the top of the shower since the window was arched.  The shower door I copied from the Houzz photo.  I really love how this looks.  Below is how the shower turned out.

turret bathroom8


I love how the photo from Houzz incorporates the Leather colored counter top, the taupe colored walls, the different shades of beige in the shower tile, and the gray tile floor.  This is where I have problems; incorporating different styles and colors that all flow together. This is why God created interior decorators! I loved the dark gray tile that was used in the Houzz photo and was going to try and get as close as I could to this color and style.  I had actually ordered the dark gray stone for the floor and was looking at the color palette that I am going by and noticed the Brown Tea (DE6062) color.  I thought this would be a better match, since the adjoining bedroom had browns in it.  The gray was not flowing into the bedroom the way I wanted.  I went back to the tile store and showed the Brown Tea color to Ann Marie and they had a pretty close match in the same stone.  I did stay with the same design as the Houzz photo and I think it helps the room look very warm and comfortable.

turret bathroom9

Natural stone, color is called Mink in 8×8 square tiles.

In the entire house, storage has always been an issue, and I knew I needed to try and install some sort of shelving in the bathroom.  On the other side of the wall to the left side of the toilet, is the space below the staircase.  This space goes very far back but is too hard to climb in and actually use as storage.  I decided to have my contractor incorporate a large space in this wall with a shelf.  He also arched the top of this space to match the rest of the bathroom.  We were going to install a shelf and leave it open but I didn’t like the thought of the towels and sheets that I would store in this space to be noticeable and also would collect the mist from the shower when it was being used.  I decided to have a cabinet installed in this space. The fabricator created the same design as the vanity and medicine cabinet for the cabinet doors. Below is the picture of the niche that my contractor made and did a beautiful job of rounding the edges instead of a straight edge.  Unfortunately once the cabinet is in the rounded edges will not be seen.

Since the bedroom has no closet I decided to also utilize the space under the stairway for a small area to hang clothes.  My contractor inserted a hanging rack inside the door of the space.  I wanted the door to not be noticeable and to look like part of the wall, so Chris added a magnetic device that secures the closure of the door.  I just push on the center right side of door and it opens.  The inside of the space is also housing the TV and DVR components so the electrical cords are not visible in the bedroom.

The paint color used in the bathroom walls is Dunne Edwards Gourmet Honey DE6150.  The moulding and ceiling color is Swiss Coffee DEW341.  I had never considered moulding in the bathroom.  I had this idea it was only used in bedrooms, living & dining rooms.  My contractor suggested it and I looked on Houzz under “mouldings” and saw how this detail really adds to a room.


The fixtures and sconce shown below are from Pottery Barn, the Quinn Beaded Collection.


The knobs and pulls are also from Pottery Barn.

The door knob hardware was not in the best shape, but Chris managed to make it look like new.  We are not exactly sure, but we think this is an original piece since there are several throughout the house.

Turret Bathroom17


  1. Autumn says:

    Linda, I love the Jerusalem gold shower tile! Can you please tell me the brand or company that makes the tile? I live in Florida, and I have been searching online and it seems like there are various companies that sell different versions of Jerusalem gold tile. Thanks so much! Your bathroom is beautiful!

    • lindasremodel says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I purchased the tile in this bathroom from Westside Tile & Stone in Canoga Park, CA. They also have a location in Beverly Hills in case you Google it. Here is there link
      Good Luck on your remodel. I just finished another bathroom and will be posting that soon.

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