About Me

Our remodel journey began as my husband and I noticed the paint bubbling on the ceiling under the upstairs shower.  We realized something needed to be done but were not quite sure how to begin.  So we left it alone for a few months and the bathroom was off limits until we could come up with a plan.

We live in a beautiful three level Mediterranean/Spanish style home built in 1926 in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles.  The bottom level encompasses the garage, laundry room and storage area.  The second floor, is the main entrance which leads into the living room & dining room, there is also the kitchen, guest room & bathroom.  The third floor has the master bedroom and bath with two additional bedrooms and bath.  When we purchased the home we knew that the house had been through a fire that destroyed the house except for the turret.  Everyone loves this part of the home!  The turret encloses the laundry room on the 1st level, the kitchen on the 2nd level and on the 3rd level is a bedroom with an ensuite.

The previous owner purchased the house after the fire.  After renovations began, money ran out and the property foreclosed.  I believe the property had been vacant for about two years by the time our realtor came upon the MLS. He knew that we were looking in the area but we were not in a position at the time to afford a house in THAT area; at least that was move in ready.  He brought this property to our attention and we were very intrigued!  We had never taken on a project like this, so we thought why not?!  There’s just one problem, we had very little knowledge of building and decorating an entire house.  Sure my husband knew a little about plumbing and electrical but that was it!  I on the other hand had absolutely no idea about plumbing and electrical.  Somehow in a matter of 3 months we managed to have the house livable.  The 1st and 2nd level were pretty much completed and the 3rd level was finished to the point of living in the rooms comfortably, but we never decorated this level.  The rest of the house was decorated with everything we liked but with no flow from room to room.  We hired our friend, an artist, to come and stay with us for about a month and we gave him carte blanche on painting the main (2nd) level.  The finished product was very beautiful but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Fast forward from 1999 to 2013.  Kids are moved out and THEN….the leak!  This was my opportunity to work some magic and make this remodel happen!!  Our search began with a referral from our neighbor that had a complete remodel done. Their house is beautiful and very well done.  We had their contractor come over and give us an estimate but he mainly specializes in higher end homes, he has quite a few workers, and his estimate was a little more than we wanted to spend.  A quick side note about my husband; he likes to stick to a budget, and come home to a peaceful setting.  So, I knew if this remodel was going to be a success, I could not have too much chaos, and I needed to find a budget friendly contractor. I am focused on completing one room at a time with a couple of months break, for my husbands well being. It wasn’t until a few months later when we were attending a neighborhood party, that I was talking to one of our neighbors who had recently completed a remodel on their home.  She talked very highly of her contractor and his focus on details.  She mentioned that he mainly works alone and when the time would come that he needed help, he hires helpers that he knows very well.  This was perfect!  I set up a meeting with Chris the Contractor, he took a look, gave us an estimate that my husband didn’t sigh over, and Voila! the remodel began!