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Turret Bedroom

  • June 21, 2014 8:32 am

As we were remodeling the bathroom we were deciding on how the decorating would flow into the bedroom.  Since both of my daughters had occupied this room at different times, I knew that I wanted to keep them in mind while figuring out colors and the style.  In the front of this room, the staircase is built on the other side of the wall.  The wall had a large opening which we had put a television inside.  Above this space was a catchall for dust.  It is about 8′ ft. from the floor so needless to say this did not get dusted.  My contractor Chris suggested making this into a slope so the dust would no longer collect in this area. Turret catch all)   We closed up the opening and hung a flat screen television on this wall.  We access the space from the bathroom.  It is not a convenient space to store anything, but since this bedroom has no closet we hung a hanging rod inside this space which we access through the bathroom.  I also had my contractor add a niche next to the television to put the satellite box and the dvd player.


Original opening, and the niche that was added.


kids bedroom1

Opening covered up, with flat screen hanging. Niche added for dvr & dvd.

This room has an exposed ceiling which adds to the look of this room.  At the point where the wall and ceiling meet, the edging of this area was never properly finished when we moved in.  My contractor cleaned it up and added moulding around the entire ceiling.  He also surprised me and added rope lighting behind the moulding, all the way around.  When this room is lit up with this lighting, it looks amazing.  We hung a chandelier from the ceiling which adds a dramatic but tasteful look.  Unfortunately this picture does not do justice for this room, but it will give you an idea of the finished product.

turret bedroom1

This was a very difficult job, I heard my contractor talk to himself a few times during the 3 days it took him to do it.  As always he did a perfect job.

Originally this room had 3 wall sconces that did not make much sense.  I got rid of two of them and kept the one between the windows.  Underneath the light I had Chris put in one of the knobs that I used on the vanity in the bathroom as a picture hanger and hung a photo of my daughters.  I used an end table that I had in another room and purchased the “Professor’s Chair” from Restoration Hardware for a little reading area.


For the window treatment, I went with linen drapes from Restoration Hardware with white sheer panels that I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


For the flooring, I knew I wanted a reclaimed wood that was a rich dark distressed hardwood that would match the ceiling.  Reclaimed flooring was quite a challenge to find.  There are tons of stores that carry beautiful flooring but they do not carry reclaimed hardwood.  I found a few local businesses that sell reclaimed flooring but they were out of my price range.  I finally found what I was looking for at National Hardwood Flooring & Moulding in Van Nuys, Ca.  They have a beautiful selection and the prices are reasonable.  The color I decided upon is called French Cafe Antique.  I bought enough of this flooring to do the entryway, stairs and, wainscoting into the master bedroom and also to cover the small bedroom floor that is located across from the turret bedroom.

Flooring (47)

The entrance of the turret bedroom is a very odd space.  As you enter the room you are looking at a wall.  I tried hanging a picture on the wall as you are entering in the room,  but as you turn to walk into the room everyone would bang into the picture.

hollywood pic

I bought this artwork years ago in a antique store in Silverlake, Ca.  This is an old pantry door with vintage postcards of Hollywood.  Both of my daughters did not like the way this is framed and did not like it in this entry way so I have removed the postcards from this pantry door and put in a traditional frame.  I still haven’t found the perfect area in the house for it, but it will find it’s place sooner than later.

Re-framed Vintage Pictures of Los Angeles

Re-framed Vintage Postcards of Los Angeles

The top postcard is the Observatory in Griffith Park, center postcard is a premiere at Carthay Circle in Beverly Hills, and the bottom postcard is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Here is what the space looks like now.  This area was just not wide enough to make the turn into the bedroom, although it does not seem like it as you are walking in.

trying to capture the awkwardness of the entrance into bedroom

trying to capture the awkwardness of the entrance into bedroom

The wall needed something so I decided to have a quote painted on the wall.  Of course it is a “Sister” quote.

sister quote (46)

The paint on the walls are Dunn Edwards Ball of String (DE6190) and the moulding is a glossy Swiss Coffee (DEW341).  The quote color used is Brown Tea (DE6062), which I took from my original color palette.

To bring some color into the room, I am using a Sage Blue for an accent color.  This is incorporated in the floor rug, a blanket on the bed and a few colors used in the painting above the bed.

I am also going to have the back wall of the niche painted with a design using a sage blue color, teabag and swiss coffee.  Once I have that completed I will post this.

The painting above the bed was inspired by both of my daughters love for horses.  They both took riding lessons when they were young and the two horses in the picture reminded me of two sisters.  I thought the colors were perfect for this room especially with the splash of blue in between the horses.  The horse theme also works well with the wood ceiling and floors.  I purchased this painting from Ballards Designs.  Bed linens from Restoration Hardware and the bedside lamps from Ikea.

 bed pic window

Bed & Pic (49)